Radio Guest FAQ

This is the Radio Guest FAQ – it should answer most of your questions about being a guest on my show.

Preparing for the Show – Promote, Bio, Questions
Promote: Share with your friends, clients and prospects that you’re going to be on the program, and send them the link to the show’s page. They can listen live from the show page. Link to the show page from your blog and newsletter. List it as an upcoming event. Your interview is a sign that you’re being seen by others as interesting and newsworthy — this makes your clients glad they bought from you, and cheers your supporters.
Bio: Send me your bio as you want me to read it live on the air, and three questions you want me to ask you, at least 72 hours in advance.

What to Talk About
The purpose of the radio show is to share your unique expertise.

I’ll start out with your world view, what your approach is and how you came to develop it — your “origin story” is perfect here.
You should have brief stories or experiences to illustrate your key points. If you have a recent book, tell me so I can link to it from the show page.

Show Time and Duration
The show airs live for 30 minutes at 7 AM Pacific Time on a weekday that you and I agree to when we schedule your show.

Call In Number
The call-in number is (646) 716-4885  — just call in and wait. If you EVER have problems getting in with that number, send a text message containing your name and the phone number where you can be reached, to 503-616-2865 — I can have the producer call you there and conference you in.

Please Call In Early
Do please call in 14 minutes early. I’ll chat with you and warm us both up. At the start of each segment I have an opening monologue, then I’ll introduce you. (If you’re the second guest, calling in 10 minutes early lets you catch the thread of the conversation so you can come in smoothly.)

Structure of the Show
There are no commercials and no built-in breaks in the show.

Intellectual Property Rights
As my guest you get one unlimited, non-exclusive license to use the entire show — or any part — in any way you want, including altering the recording and making new products that are either free or for resale. I retain all rights to the show and its contents, and I may make and sell or give away products including the show recording or portions of it, and to modify the recording.

Everything streams out live and is also recorded. Once we’re done, the recorded show is available to stream or download on-demand from the show’s main page. You’re more than welcome to take a copy. The show’s home page — and your dedicated episode page — include a link to the podcast that can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes. (Or try this link: itpc://

Each episode has its own dedicated page, like this:

Article and Blog Coverage
Every podcast is published on Oregon Business Magazine. I almost always write a text article about each show after it’s over, usually within 24 hours, extracting key points. These also go to Oregon Business Magazine and my own site. I’ll typically link to your web site, book (if any), and to the show page. I encourage you to cross-post, back-link, comment, etc.

Show Transcription and Inclusion in my Next Book
You can purchase a transcript at my cost (currently $2.50 per minute in 15 minute increments). After purchase, your show will be transcribed within a week. All shows will be considered for inclusion in my next book. (If for any reason you don’t want to be included in the book, please let me know. Standard practice is to confirm your inclusion before finishing the book manuscript. I cannot offer you any ability to revise or edit the interview. Please take heart that I only include positive stories and examples – I don’t play gotcha games.)

After the Show
If you want to share just a portion of the program, you can:

  1. Click “download” from the show home page and pull down the MP3 file to your local machine (if you have trouble, I can email the file to you),
  2. Edit it down using a program like Audacity (please keep the intro music intact), and
  3. Post that audio file anywhere you like (such as your own web site) and
  4. Point people to the link to that audio file
  5. Send me the link, and I’ll point to it from my blog posting where I talk about your interview.

Unanswered questions? Write me, or call me at 503-616-2865.