What’s a Best Boss?

The kind of person that others look back on, years later, and say “that was the best boss I ever had.”

Your people will emulate you.

They’ll recommend others go work for you.

They might name their kids after you. (My dad did.)

Best Boss Monthly



“Help me Lead my Team”

You’re a leader of a team. You have numbers to hit. Goals to achieve. A team to manage and lead.

You’ve been given positional power. Do you know exactly what to do with it?

Are you leading each member of your team differently? Are you acutely aware of the unique followership needs of each team member?

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“Help me Grow Leaders”

You manage managers, and you need to grow leaders — leaders who will hit their numbers. Who will achieve their goals. Who will both manage and lead their teams to excellence.

You’ve given them positional power. Do they know exactly what to do with it? Are you fully capable to coach them?

Are they leading each team member differently, as they should? Are they demonstrating to you that they are acutely aware of the unique followership needs of each of their team members?

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“I Need a Leadership Speaker”

You’ve got an audience who needs to transform — they need to feel powerful, they need to feel motivated, and they need to learn something profound about Leadership.

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve spoken professionally since 1991, and recently scored an unprecedented 4.96 out of 5.0 at the 2017 Toastmasters Leadership Institute, in front of one of the most demanding audiences imaginable. My message is my mission — to transform the lives and leadership philosophies of thousands around the world.

Now your audience can experience the magic of this groundbreaking talk, The Only Universal Truth of Leadership.

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What Is a Best Boss?

An extraordinary leader increases the performance of everyone around them.

We all love working for an extraordinary leader because they help us perform at OUR best.

What if every one of us was that kind of leader?

Yet despite the flood of ink written and the deafening chorus of words spoken on this vital topic, the nature of Leadership remains, for most people, a mystery. 

Do you know how to watch someone in action and tell, in a few minutes, whether they are a great leader? Can you drop in on a staff meeting and know, halfway through, if the team is a top performing team?

Most people cannot. You can learn how.

There is a truth — the Only Universal Truth of Leadership — that will astonish you with its simplicity,  while it ignites your desire to put it to work for yourself.

Thomas Cox spent 14 years studying the phenomenon of extraordinary leadership. His discovery, the Only Universal Truth of Leadership, is yours for the asking.