These are consultants and vendors who provide products and services that complement mine.

Employee Assessment Tools

Jan Foster, Solutions Provider, Performance Resources, Inc.
Provides tools and processes to help employers hire and develop top performing employees including: online hiring systems, integrity assessments, job fit assessments, sales assessments, leadership evaluation and development tools, and more.

Dan Cox, Taylor Protocols
Taylor’s Patent-Pending algorithms scientifically find Core Values patterns in Top Performers in any position. The result is a Top Performer Profile™ that is used to pre-select future Top Performers from the field of candidates for a given position.

Web Productivity

I use Evercontact to automatically scan incoming emails and update my address book.

Other Providers I Recommend

Jerry Vieira, QMP Group

Roy Sequeira Consulting


(I believe in these vendors and products. If your experience with them is less than awesome, please let me know.)