Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map

The Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map combination is an increasingly popular strategic toolset for turning strategies into executable realities.

Just as significantly, Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map approaches can directly assist in boosting individual productivity by providing three of the Five Preconditions of Peak Performance.

This is a reference page, with links to resources.

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Sample Maps

Southwest Airlines Strategy Map (example)

PDF of Example Strategy Maps, from the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative


Four Page Handout on Balanced Scorecards

Large One-Page (11 x 17) Handout


Tom’s slides at ODN-Oregon on 20-Sep-2011


Books used as sources for this talk:

The Balanced Scorecard by Kaplan and Norton

Strategy Maps by Kaplan and Norton

Visual Meetings: How Graphics, Sticky Notes and Idea Mapping Can Transform Group Productivity by David Sibbet

Other resources may be added to this page from time to time.

Here’s Nitya Wakhlu’s graphic of the training:

single graphic overvew of the Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard presentation
Overview of the talk. Click for hi-res version.